Tentative Masters’ Cup Activities and Schedule:

Based on the CICA regulation, the competition is divided by the systems of the gold cup and silver cup. Each of the cups includes 1st – 10th place awards. The CICA aims to facilitate the exchange and friendships among the students at the UM Residential Colleges and to discover elite team members to achieve glory for the university through organizing different sports and cultural activities. The CICA committee, which is formed by our students, will also strive to provide services for all students. In addition, these activities have competitive, recreational and educational elements (please see below for the sports items of the gold and silver cups).

  1. The gold cup items are the current UM sports team items. The goal is to discover elite athletes, including basketball, football, table tennis, badminton and cheerleading.
  2. The silver cup items are for the promotional purpose, including volleyball, music festivals and cooking.

The following events have been suggested for the Masters’ Cup in 2019/20, after deliberations on the CICA meetings on May 18, 2019:

2019-2020 CICA annual plan

BasketballSep 14,15,21,22,28,29
Oct 5,6,26
FootballMarchMCMC MLC
Table tennisFebCYTC CKPC
BadmintonFebCYTC CKPC
CheerleadingOctober 16SPC CKYC
VolleyballAprilEAC CKLC
CookingOctoberPJC MLC LCWC

*All are mixed-gender activities, except that basketball and football are mainly for men. Nevertheless, women are welcome to join both.