I. Scoring System

The below scoring and points systems were determined by voting on the ICC meeting of May 19, 2017:

  1. Scoring / Points to RCs – Colleges which win the 1st place to 4th place of any ICC tournament (except the annual award presentation) will be scored:  100, 80, 70 and 60 Masters’ Cup points. The rest of the college which are not in 1st place to 4th place but participate in the tournament will score 40 Masters’ Cup point. For those College waive its right in the tournament, 0 Masters’ Cup point will then be given.
  2. Gold Card – Each college has only one chance to use a Gold Card which double the points in any ICC Tournament among the whole academic year 2017/18. For those college who are willing to use the Gold Card, the corresponding representatives have to apply to ICC chair during an ICC meeting before the start of the tournaments.
  3. Master’s Cup – The scores of each tournament of each individual College will be summed up. The College which have the highest total Masters’ Cup points in all activities will be the winner of the Overall Champion of the 2nd Inter-College Master’s Cup Competition.


II. Rules for Appeal

a. Any dispute during the competition will be determined according to the rules stated if applicable; otherwise, decision will be determined by the referees and the competition continues. If any team fails to continue the competition, the team will be regarded as withdrawal of the competition. Team Manger should give a formal request (verbal and written) for an appeal to the conveners within 24 hours of the ending time of the match.

b. An appeal board will be formed to make the final judgement. Members of the Appeal Board will include the Chairman of ICC, two conveners, and two team managers without direct conflict of interest.  If the appeal case is related to the Chairman of ICC, then a neutral person from Council of Associate Master will be invited to be the chairman of the board.


III. University Sports Team Members

a. With the spirit to encourage the College students to participate in ICC sports competitions at a possibly closer playing level, the number of University sports team members and athletes is limited to ONE only for the games with less than 8 players and TWO for the games with more than 8 players at any time during a match/competition.

b. All players should declare whether they are University Team members of the current year, and should sign on the players list for confirmation before submitting it to respective conveners.

c. Individual College(s) will be disqualified in the concerned match/competition if they are confirmed to fail in observing the rule III.1. No Masters’ cup points will be gained for that competition in relation to the overall sports champion. The final positions of related winning teams will be adjusted accordingly once the offence is found valid. For example, if the Champion team is found to have violated the rule III.1 in any of the previous matches of a particular competition, the 1st runner-up team will be shifted to be the Champion and so forth. Such shifting of positions does not apply to the results in the knock-out phase of a competition.