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N9 Stadium, 27th March, 2017

Newly-crowned ICC Football Champions, Chao Kuang Pio College (CKPC), marched into UM’s N9 Stadium: exuberant with pride and confidence. They had Master Chuang Sheng Liu supporting and cheering their young aspiring players with the likes of Theo, Jason, and Huber, and captain Anson Sou leading the ‘Reds’ to play against a more seasoned and battle-hardened staff team, many of whom have played for than a decade together.


At first, one would assume that the college champions would run riot and cause all sorts of havoc in the UMSSC half. However, that was not the case, as the veterans opened the scoring with an early goal, rocking the confident form of their younger opponents. CKPC found it difficult to penetrate a solid defensive line dutifully manned by Calvin Tam (FST) and Kou Pan (OSA), as well as midfield maestros Luís Amorim (OSA), Miguel da Costa Júnior (FST) and Tam Weng Hong (FOM), blocking nearly each and every CKPC attack. The veterans could have added a second but their attempt cannoned of the woodwork.

Immediately after the interval, CKPC made several changes to their team tactics by fielding a host of guest players from across the collegiate system, adding substantial fire-power to their strike force.

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The match became more exciting with adrenalin levels surging over peak level.  UMSSC added another goal mid-way into the final quarter of the match, making it almost impossible to comeback.

In the last five minutes of play, CKPC stepped up their blistering pace and launched an all-out attack on the veterans, forcing their way into the six-yard box and equalising in the final seconds to draw 2-2 with an incredible never-say-die attitude.

In the penalty shoot-out, the veterans scored 5 out of six tries, with Bruce hitting the wood work, while Kyle and Jason both unable to find the back of the net, bringing the final score to 7-5 with UMSSC as match winners, while leaving a younger inexperienced CKPC side still feeling satisfied with themselves after a second cup final that entertained and excited for 80 minutes.

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