The objective of the Lecture Series on Liberal Arts Learning is to inspire students the right set of attitude towards life through community education and peer interaction.


1  21/02/2013  Hard Skills and Soft Skills – Education of Students of the 21st Century二十一世紀的學生教育 – 硬實力及軟實力
2  25/02/2013  Reading and Creativity 閱讀與創造力
3  27/02/2013  2049 : Innovating Liberal Arts Education – Challenges and Opportunities 2049: 創新博雅教育 – 挑戰與機遇
4  07/03/2013  Roles and Responsibilities of Asian Universities in a New Global Academic-Business Paradigm 看亞洲大學在全球新型的企業與學術的範式中的角色與責任
5  14/03/2013  The Collegial University
6  21/03/2013  Different Unviersity Life makes a different life 不一樣的大學生活造就不一樣的人生
7  27/03/2013  The Interpersonals 人與人之間
8  18/04/2013  Leonardo da Vinci and the CEO in You
9  25/04/2013  Liberal Arts Education in the 21st Century – Leadership Education for Global Challenges 二十一世紀的博雅教育
10  09/10/2013  Reflecting on the Past Cenury and the Responsibility of Today’s Young Intellecturals 回望百年與當前知識青年的責任
11  30/10/2013  Soft Skills Leading to Success – Stories from West Point and University of Virginia 軟實力引向成功 – 西點軍校與維吉尼亞大學的故事
12  21/11/2013  Liberal Arts Education: What is it? What does it do? 博雅教育: 什麼是博雅教育?它的功能在哪裡?
13  25/11/2013  Asian Universities in the 20th and 21st Century: From Unimaginable to Imaginable Transformation20世紀與21世紀東亞與東亞的大學:從不可想像到可想像的轉變
14  29/11/2013  The Path of My Life 我的人生之路
15  19/03/2014  My Mind Remains the Same in Times of Turbulence 風雲詭譎我心依舊
16  28/04/2014  Redemption: Promoting a Sci/ Tech-Inspired Agriculture for a Bright New Future 救贖: 科技興農, 共創新局
17  28/04/2014  From Dunhuang to Macao: Two Millennia of East-West Relations 從敦煌至澳門:中西關係兩千年
18  15/05/2014  6 Days-Off a week? The meaning of Culture and Creativity 周休六日?文化創意的時代意義
19  15/05/2014  Love, Dream and Courage 愛、夢想與勇氣
20  04/09/2014  Solid State Lighting: Hisotry of Development of the Lighting Technology that Seeks for a Brighter and Better Life, to a Better World 半導體照明-照明科技的發展及應用:從追求生存、改善生活到保護生態
21  09/10/2014  The Brain and Morality 大腦與品德
22  13/11/2014  College and Liberal Arts 大學生與人文素養