The University of Macau’s residential college (RC) system is an integrative platform putting into practice the 4-in-1 education model of the University that produces well-rounded graduates who are academically learned, intellectually articulate, morally decent, and at the same time, good citizens with sincere commitment to Macao, their motherlands, and humankind at large. They also need to be holistic, adaptive, motivated, and resilient enough to meet the ever-evolving complex challenges of today and tomorrow.

Complementing the formal curricula and classroom instruction, the residential college living experience provides a unique opportunity for students to acquire all sorts of soft skills, such as ability to self-manage, self-discipline, self-reflect, to work as a team player, to serve as a leader, to read the world with a global perspective and to integrate knowledge from different disciplines.

Equally important is the opportunity for students to live, to play, to interact, to compete and to grow with other members of the college from various backgrounds in culture, language, family, education and personality, which will result in an ability to tolerate, respect and embrace differences, all of which are essential to harmonious and successful career development in the 21st Century.

As one of the four components of the 4-in-1 education at the University of Macau– disciplinary education, general education, research and internship education, peer and community education – the experiential residential college living and learning experience as embodied in the peer and community education will be successfully enhanced if you actively participate and engage in such opportunities.  Hence, we sincerely invite you to join and live in our residential college.


同樣重要的是住宿式書院能 讓學生與來自不同文化、言語、家庭、教育背景的同學共同生活、遊戲、交流互動、競賽、共同成長。進而學習相互包容、尊重、擁抱多元文化。這些軟實力的培育對於21世紀的人才事業發展尤其關鍵。



4-in-1 Education Model at UM