RC Allotment

From the 2022/2023 cohort, new local students may apply to reside in preferred RC upon admission offer, a link to the online application form will be provided in the offer. Each RC will select among those applicants choosing it as a preference to take up no more than 30% of its freshmen quota, taking reference to the students’ potential contributions to the College life. Those not being selected or not submitting an application form by the deadline will be randomly assigned to RCs. Non-local students will be assigned to a RC randomly to serve the purpose of diversity distribution. The allotment result will usually be notified  around 2-3 weeks before the move-in dates by the allotted RC via email.



由 2022/2023學年起,本地學生獲錄取時將收到選擇書院的邀請及線上申請表的連結。每所書院將從申請該書院的學生裡,考慮申請人對其書院生活的可能建樹後,選擇其新生配額百分之三十以內的學生入住。未能入選或未有在限期前遞交表格的學生,則隨機分配到各書院。為符合書院學生的多元分佈,非本地學生亦隨機分配到各書院。書院分配之結果將於入宿日期前兩至三週由所屬書院以電郵通知。