The University of Macau (UM) has designated every Wednesdays as the ‘Collegiate Learning Day’, with the aim of encouraging students to participate in different activities to gain knowledge beyond their chosen fields of study.


1    2/09/2015  Astro. Literature studies 天‧文學
2  16/09/2015  Hogwarts & the Philosopher’s Stone
3  23/09/2015  World War II in East Asia: What does it mean to me?
4  28/10/2015  Taking Full Advantage of Your College Education 充分利用你的大學教育
5    4/11/2015  RC Students Service-Learning Experience Sharing 澳門大學書院學生服務學習分享
6  18/11/2015  Architecture and Meditation 建築與禪修
7  25/11/2015  Looking for Fun of Knowledge in the Great Nature 在大自然中找尋知識的樂趣
8  24/02/2016  Soft Power and Business Competitiveness – From Laozi to Innovation 軟實力與產業競爭力 -從老子看到創新