9-9-2015Starting from this academic year, the University of Macau (UM) has designated every Wednesdays as the ‘Collegiate Learning Day’, with the aim of encouraging students to participate in different activities to gain knowledge beyond their chosen fields of study.  The kick-off ceremony for the Collegiate Learning Day was held on 9th of September 2015. UM staff and students all look forward to this new education model, saying that they believe co-curricular activities will go a long way towards helping them achieve well-rounded development.

At the kick-off ceremony, Rector Wei Zhao said that UM decided to launch the Collegiate Learning Day because the university places dual emphasis on academic research and helping students achieve well-rounded development through an experiential learning model. He explained that starting from this academic year, every Wednesdays at UM will be devoted to co-curricular activities instead of formal classes. These activities will be co-organised by the various faculties, RCs, and departments. They will facilitate the implementation of research and internship education, and community and peer education, two important components of the ‘4-in-1’ education model. And the purpose of this new practice is to help students grow into individuals with both expertise and integrity.

Haydn Chen, Vice Rector for Student Affairs, said that during their four years at UM, students are required to not only acquire hard skills in their chosen fields of study, but also develop soft skills, including Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork, Citizenship with Global Perspectives, Leadership and Service,Cultural Engagement and Healthy Living, so as to meet the challenges of the 21st century. He believes that cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary co-curricular activities will help improve students’ international competitiveness.

The co-curricular activities at UM will involve the training of various skills, including athletic skills, cultural and artistic literacy, and leadership skills.

Source: Communications Office

澳門大學由2015/2016新學年起,將星期三定為“Collegiate Learning Day”,鼓勵學生參與不同社群活動,學習專業以外的知識。澳大並於2015年9月9日舉行啟動儀式,澳大師生均對此新的教育模式表示期盼,相信透過多元的聯課活動,將有助培育全方位人才。

儀式上,澳大校長趙偉表示,除了注重學術研究,也重視學生的全人發展,因而推行“Collegiate Learning Day”,以體驗式的學習模式培養多元人才。他介紹,每逢星期三不設正規課堂講授,取而代之的是由學院、住宿式書院及相關部門攜手舉辦的不同活動等,以實現澳大“四位一體"教育模式中的研習和社群教育,使學生成為才德兼備的人。