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The University of Macau’s (UM) residential college (RC) system recently achieved satisfactory results, according to the two-year performance assessment. The results show that students who have lived in the RCs tend to outperform those without the experience in various areas. This is testament to the university’s significant progress in liberal arts education.

UM implemented the RC system after relocating to its new campus two years ago. As of today, ten colleges have been established. Recently, UM conducted a two-year performance assessment of the system, based on criteria in five areas of competencies (Healthy Living, Interpersonal Relation and Teamwork, Leadership and Service, Cultural Engagement, and Citizenship with Global Perspectives and Patriotism) and Hong Kong Baptist University’s Whole Person Development Inventory. 1,772 students were surveyed. At today’s (29 July) Third Forum on Education of Modern Residential College, Prof Haydn Chen, vice rector (student affairs) of UM, shared the assessment results with forum participants. The results show that students who have lived in RCs tend to outperform those without the experience, in various areas, including academic results, sports, art appreciation, cultural engagement, leadership skills, and peer relationships. The results also show that students who have lived longer in RCs tend to achieve higher scores. ‘UM’s RC system is still very young, so the results are very encouraging,’ said Prof Chen. ‘The results have increased our confidence in the system.’

The forum attracted nearly 300 experts, scholars, faculty members, and students from more than 40 universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. During the forum, the participants will discuss the philosophy, implementation, and development of RC systems at today’s universities. Half of the non-UM participants will stay at UM’s RCs during the period. At the opening ceremony, Prof Lionel Ni, vice rector (academic affairs) of UM, said that UM’s RC system has inherited the traditions of college education in ancient China and is modelled upon the successful experience of top universities, including the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, and Yale University, adding that the system has a comprehensive master plan and its own characteristics. Prof Ni also said that all faculty members at UM are required to spend at least on hour per week outside the classroom with the students. Today, 300 faculty members are available in the RCs to help students with the problems they encounter in their studies and everyday life.

The theme of this year’s forum is ‘Student Development in a Residential College and the Shaping of Its Educational Character’, which includes four sub-topics: 1) the assessment of RCs’ learning outcomes; 2) the collaboration between RCs and faculties; 3) educational programmes for student development; and 4) developing the characteristics of RCs. The keynote speakers include Prof David Ibbetson, president of Clare Hall at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom;  Prof Trevor Cairney, master of New College at the University of New South Wales, Australia; and Dr Gong Hui, deputy Party secretary at XJTU, mainland China. Two sub-forums will be held for student representatives of various universities to discuss their experiences in RCs. In addition, a book collection of 34 papers selected by an editorial panel formed by UM and XJTU scholars will also be presented at the forum.

This year’s event is organised by a RC alliance and hosted by UM. The past two events were hosted by Beihang University. The alliance was formed by RCs at eight universities, namely Beihang University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, XJTU, Chengchi University, Fudan University, Tsing Hua University, East China Normal University, and UM.

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近300 名來自英國、澳洲、海峽兩岸及港澳地區40多間著名學府的專家學者、教師及學生出席論壇,共同探討現代各大學中書院制度的理念、實踐和發展,當中一半校外與會者還會住在澳大體驗書院生活。在研討會開幕儀式上,澳大副校長(學術)倪明選教授表示,澳大書院教育秉承中國古代的書院制度,同時亦參考英美的劍橋大學、牛津大學、耶魯大學等的書院制,因此整體規劃全面,別具獨特性,大學要求每一位教授每一週須有一小時為學生服務,現時已有300位教授在書院輔導學生在學業、生活上所遇到的挑戰。

今屆論壇以“書院育人與教育特色發展” 為主題,並分四大子題作深入討論:一、書院教育價值的評估;二、書院與學院間的合作;三、學生成長的教育計劃;四、書院特色之發展。英國劍橋大學克萊書院(Clare Hall)院長David Ibbetson教授、澳洲新南威爾斯大學新書院(New College)院長Trevor Cairney教授、西安交通大學校黨委副書記宮輝博士作主旨演講。論壇設兩場書院學生論壇,由各校學生代表討論和交流書院生活的體驗。此外,在眾多論文發表中,由澳大與西安交通大學組成的編輯委員會選拔了34篇論文,出版成論文集《現代高校書院制教育研究》。